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Small Steps Lead to Miles

Consistency within one's steps brings about success. Much is on our table from school, work, kids, errands, doctor appt, friends, and family. Now we choose to add starting a business. This is a great undertaking to ask anyone which is why management is key. Success is not rushed but received by consistency of doing what is right. Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ is good in doses and self-care should be included in your daily life but do not abuse it. Keep your focus on the vision and complete small goals to create the vision. Each day take inventory of your task. Did you take a step today towards your vision? Small steps lead to miles. Did you say "no" to eating out today? If so, that could have saved $5 or $10. That same $5 dollars can turn into $1825 in 365 days. That $10 a meal can lead to $3650 in 365 days. What would it mean for your business to have $3650 or $1825? That could mean your credit cards are paid off boosting your credit score and now you can get approved for a business loan. Small Steps are meaningful because it’s about small steps turning into big miles. What small step did you take today?

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