• Devon Joiner

"Enjoy the Path of Creation"

Running a business is hard. There isn’t enough time in a day. You work harder running a business than being an employee. We all may have heard these statements with different interchangeable words but the end result directs towards discouragement. Being an entrepreneur and business owner is a challenge. Yes! Running a business is definitely a challenge! I’m not knocking that. What if we changed our perspective? What if we enjoyed the journey? What if we enjoyed the process of learning and growing? What if our thoughts resembled joy of the opportunity, joy for the process, and joy to serve? What if? The continuous living of a life brings upon lessons that are embedded into our everyday lives. To run a business is to create. Create a business plan, a strategic strategy, a budget, an accounting system, a team, a mission statement, a purpose, values, operations, etc. Yes, these can be seen as a colossal task but it can also be viewed as a path of creation. As an artist creates a painting, as a sculpture creates a statue, and as an engineer creates a car; so do a business person creates. Enjoy the creation process and wait for the moment to view your masterpiece.

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